Even in the best run businesses legal disputes can arise, often without warning, and can have a substantial cost both in terms of time and money. Businesses are faced with an increasing amount of legislation and red tape leading to an increased potential for litigation.

The costs of obtaining a solicitor to deal with the dispute or simply obtaining legal advice to prevent any difficulties on a particular matter can prove very expensive and create unbudgeted costs. Many businesses decide not to pursue their legal rights due to the potential costs involved.

Our Commercial Legal Expenses policy provides comprehensive cover at an affordable price.

• Legal Helpline
• Employment Awards
• Data Protection
• Employee Restrictive Covenant
• TAX, VAT, PAYE & NIC Investigations • Licence Protection
• Jury Service & Attendance Expenses • Insolvency Fees
• Motor Consumer Dispute
• Motor Uninsured Loss Recovery

• Employment Disputes • Legal Defence
• Contract Disputes
• Property Protection

• Personal Injury
• Debt Recovery
• Wrongful Arrest
• Motor Personal Injury

The above details only provide a brief description of cover, for more detailed information please speak to your broker who will provide you with a quotation and arrange cover.