Here at Blythe Insurance Brokers We offer Different Travel Insurance for different types of holidays, The Insurance cover we provide covers people aged between 18 – 85 Years of old. most medical conditions are also covered.

As most holidaymakers will know, Travel Insurance is an essential part of preparing for an upcoming trip, It doesn’t matter whether you are opting for a fortnight on the beach, embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime round the world trek or just jetting off on a whirlwind weekend, Travel Insurance is essential. However, different types of trips have insurance requirements unique to them.

As well as looking at the holiday itself, it is also worth taking into account your overall travelling habits; if you are something of a jetsetter, or even just like to get away more than once a year, taking out an Annual Travel Insurance Policy could be the best deal for you.

However, if the holiday is a rare treat, then Single Trip Travel Insurance Policy is likely to be your best option.

Travel insurance is not just for those enjoying a holiday abroad, with travel insurance still being a necessity for jaunts in the UK. Although it may not seem apparent at first (especially with the NHS on our doorstep), UK travel insurance also means that should you book a cottage or hotel and are unable to attend for an unforeseen reason. This ensures that you will not lose the money already paid for your holiday.